note: these overwrite your game files - always keep backups!

nighttime playscenes for ezloader

updated 02.03.2023, the petz 3 version was accidentally packaged with broken files. my sincerest apologies for this oversight - please redownload!

simple overwriting night variants of all petz 3 scenes for use with ezloader, which will give petz 3 and 4 a simulated day and night cycle! for the adoption center to look right, you need to replace your petz 3/4 rez.dll with the one provided in your resource folder directly, ezloader will only handle the files inside of the area folder.

the 4 travel scenes added in petz 4 are not included, toy and clothes closet are included but they only have minor lighting changes so i left them out of the preview. feel free to use these edits as bases for your own nighttime scene variants, enjoy!

if you were using my custom petz II case rez.dll, i have already updated those to be compatible with these as well.