c a r r y i n g - c a s e s

did you know that customizing the carrying case in petz 3 and 4 is actually quite easy to do as long as you know your way around tinker? honestly no idea why nobody ever does it, but customizable skins is a really cute idea from petz 5 in my opinion - so i wanted that in my personal favourite iterations of the game, too. :)

these overwrite your petz rez.dll - keep a backup of your original saved somewhere!

petz II style wooden case

inspired by the fact i only recently tried the full version of petz II for the first time!
i really like the little bit of scenery behind the door and i wish the case had stayed that cute for later releases now... comes in 2 variants to choose from, night or day.

(note: both p3 and p4 versions are included the same download, you just pick your version!)
daytime nighttime

always travel / always yellow case

suuuper simple edit, but in case (haha) anyone ever strongly preferred one of the two p4 cases over the other or wanted to see the travel one in p3, here you go!

(note: both p3 and p4 versions are included the same download, you just pick your version!)
travel yellow (for p4)

can i use these somehow even if i'm already using a customized petz rez.dll file?

yes!!! all you need to do is combine the customized aspects of the two (or even more) to create the rez.dll perfect for your personalized game. :)
the easiest way to go about this is to use resource hacker - just like in my version-conversion tutorial, it just takes replacing some resources which is very simple.

1. open up the customized petz rez.dll you were already using in resource hacker, for example one that has a customized mouse lnz in it or something like that.

2. click on action > add from resource file, and browse for the .dll with the custom case in it.
make sure it's intended for the same version!!! p3 and p4 don't use the exact same files because p4 technically has 2 cases, and using one for the other will break the case.

3. in the popup that should appear, check the FLH & FLM resources and also check 'overwrite', and then import.
in the possible case your customized rez dll already has other customized sprites: you can also expand the FLH & FLM categories and only select the sprites with "CASE" in their name!

that is it! save your dll and check if both the case and whatever you had before are working in your game properly.

how to make your own:

1. save a backup of your petz rez.dll!!! even if you are doing something simple you can mess it up so making a backup is really the first thing you should do in anything modding related. you don't ever want to break your game!

2. open up the petz 3/4 rez.dll file in tinker, and open all of the sprites that start with 'case' in their name: case, casedoor, and the 4 different caseicons. if you don't mind the standard blue buttons or red door, you can stick to just editing the 'case' filmstrip!
export every single frame in a place where you can easily find them.

3. edit the images to your heart's content! the only thing you really have to keep in mind is to keep them around the same size.
for the case sprites, make sure to keep the black boxes where the buttons go in the same place - if you do move them slightly, you will have to also move the X & Y shift of the buttons in tinker later on to match which takes a bit more work but is absolutely possible.

4. reinsert them in tinker just like you would editing any other filmstrip! make sure to "import" and simply replace the original's sprites with the X & Y shift intact, else things may break.
that should be it, really! recolouring the door is a bit time consuming because of all the frames but the case itself is basically just 2 sprites.