patchwork sweaters

a set of 14 very colourful, paintball-heavy sweaters.

self-recolouring accessories / shirt collars

this is a bit of an assortment, this contains a shirt collar, a turtleneck sweater collar and an adaptation of my skirt that will recolour with the top that your pet is wearing. put on the shirt or sweater first, then the collar, and boom! automatic matchy. they won't take the sweater's texture, only its base colour, so you may have to try out a few different ones to see which work best.
includes solid white and solid black versions of the shirt collar as well.

pride boppers

simple recolours of the rainbow boppers i did - happy pride!

bopper antennae

playful boppers in various shapes! not all variants are pictured, there is 20 total included in the download.

conductor's hats

requested by lyric! fandom-based and plain ones.

froggy hats

requested by audaxity! might look a bit oversized on some breeds, sorry.

a beehive

the bees are friendly, so it's okay! requested by audaxity.

comically small tophats

requested by audaxity!

heart glasses

oh, to be a virtual pet in love...

star glasses

you're a star!

flower glasses

ready for it to be spring again!

quirky glasses set

a mix of many different models, feel free to pick out just the ones you like.

dinosaur costumes

how do you say "i love you" in dinosaur again? requested by emmer.

phantasm party hats

requested by skinstealer. thank you for enabling my party hat obsession! i promise i do not have a problem.

detective set

detective sherlock bones is on the case! requested by pollypup.

phantasm sun hats

what do you mean "it's winter, you can't wear that right now". requested by nebula.

cat bread

bread for cat. requested by celia.

cone of shame

requested by dew. has a few clipping issues with shoulder ballz, but looks ok about half of the time.

pleated skirts

requested by dekoandbigbear. looks best on petz with evenly proportioned bodies, i'm sorry oshies :(

bell collars

hexed for the 2022 whiskerwick advent calendar! intended for use with no texture rotate on a pet's neck ball [54 in dogz, 36 in catz], but it looks passable without if you can't or don't wish make that edit! the preview includes a mix of petz who have no texture rotate and some who do not.

gift ribbons

hexed for the 2022 whiskerwick advent calendar! can surely be worn all year round, though.

wreath crowns

hexed for the 2022 whiskerwick advent calendar! ridiculously festive.

petz-sized headphones

comes as a version with and without the cat ears.

traffic cones

always remember, safety first! i like traffic cones a normal amount.

butter on the head

literally just a slice of butter. dedicated to my friend ginger!

advent scarves

originally done for the WW advent calendar 2020, but now comes with way more colour variants. 'candycane' scarves are the striped ones, and 'snowflake' are the patterned ones.

fluffy winter sets

hexed for the WW advent 2020! gotta keep warm for winter.

plaid sweater recolours

i love plaid sweaters i love plaid sweaters i love plaid sweaters
if you'd like the recoloured textures for your own use, they're here.

tail bows

bows except they go on the butt. the tail category for clothes goes unused in the basegame, but i will change this.


basegame petz bows, except they are on the neck. everyone knows petz must be covered in bows all over.

wizard set recolours

inspired by that petz publisher graphic with the purple wizard shirt, except i wanted even more colours. pants are included too but it's optional whether you'd like to use them or not. textures i used and (even more different colours) are here.

nose bandaids

a simple experimental item originally done for a personal pet, but public for whoever wants them.