b a s e g a m e - r e c o l o u r s !

petz has some nice textures but i like colours... i like colours a lot.
they look ingame exactly as they do here, they are already indexed as the game's palette!

mottled recolours

the mottled texture, except in some funky new colours!
designed to be used at 65 transparency, here's what that looks like:

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wizard bmp recolours

this is wizard almost every untexturable colour the game has to offer - only excludes some too bright or too similar colours. any texturable colour can easily be achieved through transparency.

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plaid & rib recolours

i made these for my sweater recolours but figured someone might get use out of the textures by themself! the other plaid/rib textures used in those come from other basegame items.

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