b a b y z - c o n v e r s i o n s

technically these are more recreations than they are conversions, but it doesn't matter. now your petz can wear what your babyz wear... kind of!!

babyz party hats

have you ever noticed how many party hats babyz has compared to petz?? well, i like them...

download for petz 4

various flat clothing items

some look a little off due to petz' colour palette being different, but i tried my best. what were once jumpers are now seperated into shirt & pant items for variety!
if you'd like the textures for yourself, they are here.

download for petz 4

babyz Y2K sets

omg guys it's the year 2000... based on the official babyz.net dlc, except i made them both in black and in white just because i thought it'd be neat. the bowtie is part of another set here.

download for petz 4

babyz laurel headbands

taken from the official babyz.net dlc. added in a simple golden recolour as i thought it'd be fitting!

download for petz 4

babyz tuque hats

petz has its own knit hat item, but i like the massive one in babyz more!
it clips through ears a bit, but i tried my best.

download for petz 4

orange juice

there was literally no reason for me to convert this. nobody in the history of ever wanted this to be in petz i really just felt like doing it because it's the simplest item there was LOL this took 5 minutes

download for petz 4