custom game palettes

more weird experiments... not intended to be an actual replacement or anything to the petz palette, it's obviously fine as it is. it's just interesting to make petz display weird unnatural colours that you'd usually never see on a pet! you can think of it like putting a 'filter' over your usual petz to see them in a fun new way!
NOTE THIS IS SLIGHTLY OUTDATED the files and guide are to be updated !!!

the "unnatural" palette

my first ever palette experiment. literally just some weird brighter, unnatural colours that i like that petz doesn't have! brings out your petz' inner sparkle animal.

these petz are all regular basegame bred petz and still fully compatible with petz as you know it :}
download (petz 4), instructions are below!

how to insert these:

1. make a copy of your entire petz 4 folder. this can take a little while, but basically you'll want this to be like an alternate version of your game. don't insert these into your main install!!

2. insert the new petz 4.exe into the main folder, the DLLs into the resource folder, and the dogz/catz folders replace the original ones. the .ACT file isn't relevant to gameplay, but included incase you'd just like to have the palette for any reason!

how to make your own:

1. make a copy of your entire petz 4 folder to experiment on!

2. open the petz 4.exe in lnzpro and export the resource PALETTE as a .bmp file

3. open up palette.bmp in any program that can modify indexed palettes. the games' palette is in your hands now, and you can honestly just go crazy! save both the bmp image and also a .pal or .act version of your palette by itself to use later

4. once you're satisfied with your palette, go back into the .exe and replace the palette bmp resource with your new one. you can test it ingame now!

5. to fix the messed up textures petz will get, you need to replace the ingame textures in the catz, dogz and petz REZ.DLL files. open them in LNZ and export all bmp resources. do the same for any .bmps inside of breedfiles if you want to be thorough.

6. open these texture .bmps in a program that is able to replace indexed palettes and do exactly that! i use photoshop for this. remember you don't want the textures to be "re-interpreted" in the new palette, you want to exactly replace colours with the ones that take up the same 'number' without changing anything about the art.

7. once you've done them all, reinsert them where you found them, and your modified palette now works with 'transparent' textures again!

you could do this all for clothes, toys and playscenes too but honestly it's waaay too much work and the petz are the most interesting part! areas will understandably look a bit weird if your palette changes are drastic, but the playpen always works.