phantasm tabbies plus

an extension of my first tabby overwrite, frosted tabbies, now with way more variations in just about everything! the idea was to create more patterns for tabbies to have: this OW includes textures meant for various types of tabbies including spotted, rosetted, etc... all new stripe variations come in classic pfm tabby brown, in black, and in a self-coloring texture that's definitely my personal favourite! you can see it on the black orange cat.

everything from the frosted tabbies file is still included in these tabbies, just expanded upon. and as you can see, there's lots of tortie patch possibilities! this file ended up being really really big, so it's split into multiple smaller files that all work slightly differently. but there is still a version with all possible splotches and markings included if you'd like complete wildcard tabbies. all colours will mutate!

special thanks to gyiyg for telling me about the catz ear colour fix!

phantasm candied tabbies

a fork of tabbies plus (above), but make them sparkle animals!! this was a fun idea i had on the side that i was then heavily encouraged to pursue. i cannot thank mortis of [BAD_DEATH] enough for helping me with inserting texture variations-- this file is complete overkill and has over 4600 possible texture combinations. and that's not even mentioning the paintball and colour override stuff from the tabbies plus file it's based off of... this file is huge. basically any candy tabby is guranteed to be completely unique!

phantasm frosted tabbies

a tabby overwrite that gives them splotchy variations, like lots of real life cats look! plus a few shape changes done to taste, to make them feel fresh. note, this file comes out of the AC in orange only (like the original petz tabby) - the other colour variations shown here are purebred examples! both the orange and the white can mutate. passes on as the tabby coat.

phantasm dalmatians

a dalmatian overwrite that lets them grow into their spots as they age, like real dals! their spots can also mutate to new colours through breeding. a few minor adjustments have been made, like plush textured spots and slightly smaller eyes to match 2nd gens.
they have a 1/5 chance to carry liver (95) spot genes that'll show up from 2nd gen onwards.

this file comes with two versions: the normal and the spot nose variant. the normal variant has a regular nose and will combine with other breedz well. the spot nose variant features a pink nose coloured by paintball spots and i would reccommended it for purebred lines only. the nose spots will mutate along with the spots on the body, but they often will not pass down properly with other dog breedz that have regular noses. if you are aiming to breed for light spot colours like lemon (45), you should also go with the normal one!

phantasm dalmatians (tricolor)

a branched version of the regular phantasm dals (the same description still applies) except this one can mutate spots into two seperate colours! yes, surprisingly tricolor dalmatians are a real thing. 1st gens will start off with all black spots like your usual dalmatian, the third colour will only come in as you breed them and their colours mutate.

to make things easier: their spot colours are indicated by the 2nd (primary spots, and nose if using nose spot file) and 3rd (secondary spots) colour listed in genepoolz.

beta tabbies

based on the pre-release clipart of the chinchi-tabby mixie (pictured, in the party hat) that appears to have orange stripes instead of brown. all cats pictured are bred mixies!

this file comes with two versions: v2 looks plain orange out of the AC, but passes down stripes consistently. v1 more closely resembles the basegame tabby out of the AC, having their stripes underlaid in brown, but this unintentionally made them able to pass this brown body down as an undesirable marking in place of their stripes, so i reccommend using v2.

bewhiskered dogz

all original dog breedz with "chihuahua whiskers", because all real dogs have them! i don't know who wants or needs this, i just thought it'd be kinda neat. no other changes are made.

normal eyed sheepdogz

sheepdogs with slightly larger eyes, to match the rest of the breeds a little better. comes with a normal and whiskered version, because i was doing these OWs in the same breath...