w e l c o m e !

welcome to phantasmagoria! my name is queenie and this is my petz-page!!

petz is a 1990's simulation game by p.f.magic, and this is my place to put all of the content i have created for it. a lot of it is available for anyone with the game so why don't you have a look around, my fellow phantasmagorical petz-petters?

because i am a petz 4 main, most of the content is only for that game so far. conversions are to follow, but if you'd like to make conversions go ahead!

c h a n g e l o g

21.02.2021 --- do not have a lot of time for this site at the moment, so updates are slow as you can see. put up a new page with a quick guide, about customizing carrying cases in petz 3 and 4, here.
04.01.2021 --- happy belated new year... 2 more crew petz added, and i put up the clothes i hexed for the advent with p3/p5 compatibility and some new recolours thrown in! i finally figured out an easy way to convert stuff for other versions, and wrote a quick guide on that too.
27.12.2020 --- updated archive files and taken colours, added more crew members, added the 'fixed DLL textures' page to resource. have a look if the ugly green stuff on cali2.bmp bothers you!
18.12.2020 --- new crew additions, minor wording fixes, 1 additional hidden stamp as suggested by a friend (it's now 10!) and some more 'content' on a certain secret page :}
15.12.2020 --- the first ever version of phantasmagoria is finally live! after preparing stuff for around a year, it's finally out there. this is technically the 2nd version of the site, but we won't talk about my first attempt... i'm really a beginner at html and such, but hopefully that'll be forgivable for a petz site? i've literally always wanted to have one and i'm happy enough with it for now!