fixed internal DLL textures

self explanatory, some quick fixes for basegame textures that look or behave a little weirdly. since these are simply replacements and not additions, your petz are still 100% compatible with games that use the regular DLLs!

ugly green lines on cali2.bmp begone

no idea if anyone else finds those weird green bits as annoying as i do, but here!

petz 3 petz 4 petz 5
overwrites catz 3/4/5 rez.dll respectively

fixed babyz leftover textures

a couple of internal textures (mostly the 'bunny' set) is actually still indexed in the babyz palette, which is why they tend to behave so weirdly. these are conversions to petz' actual palette! note that this also makes them look a bit different when used with different arguments though.
no p3 version as these textures do not exist in that game!

petz 4 petz 5
overwrites petz 4/5 rez.dll respectively

modifying the games' DLL textures yourself:

naturally, always save backups of any game files you modify. i reccommend keeping an entire seperate copy of your main petz folder without any modifications.

LNZ pro actually is fully compatible with .dll files! if it won't open, change the files' privacy settings. textures can be found under the BMP resources. you can replace or add more textures here, and even 'internalize' your once external textures! just remember that if you add something that the basegame does not have, anything that requires it becomes incompatible with a base copy of the game - so if you do this, it's best to use for your own personal petz and not ones to give out.