s p e c i a l - p e t z

obviously i love all of the petz that i'm lucky enough to own, but there's just a few that are more personal to me. they get a dedicated page because i think they deserve it! this is the self indulgence page.

caasimo & lousine

these two are hexed after my two favourite characters of mine, and as such are very dear to me! they're very silly but i love them a whole lot. their files are never truly 'done', and i tend to modify them whenever i learn something new to improve them further. the most recent addition was their clothing items!

vii & moff, the site mascots

vii was my first ever dive into external textures, and moff is my first oddball. both of them are quite simple (and purple) but to me, they represent learning more as a whole! also they're cute.